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What is LVC:Fleet?


Luxart Vehicle Control: Fleet is a new separate resource based off of the innovations of Luxart Vehicle Control v3. It introduces more finite control of vehicle profiles by the use of Vehicle Configuration Files, abbreviated VCFs. A vehicle configuration's settings are called profiles for LVC and describe all the settings encompassed in the VCF. Vehicles, by use of it's game name, are then assigned approved profiles.

LVC:Fleet specific features over LVCv3:

  • additional profile specific settings (siren defaults, audio settings, menu permissions, etc.)
  • on the fly profile selection through LVC menu
  • server sided siren integration with local override and peer override
  • rumbler / howler support (requires installation of compatible siren)
Local Override: When active, LVC uses resident.rpf client side sirens instead of any server sided sirens.
Peer Override: When active, LVC uses the clients local siren selection for peers of the same faction. See more in VCF configuration.

Basics behind LVC:Fleet:

LVC:F Relationship Diagram
In the above diagram, you can see that LSPD, BCSO, SASP all have approved profiles 1, 2, 3. This allows the player to select from these three profiles in the LVC:Fleet menu. Meanwhile, the firetruck and ambulance are assigned individual profiles and will not be able to change profiles.


  • Custom server/client side siren assignments
  • Ability to change which siren is used through in game menu
  • Rumbler / Howler support
  • Choice to override other players sirens
  • Choice to use client side sirens
  • In-game siren controller HUD
  • Additional functionality through plugins
  • On-demand siren tone selection through registered keys
  • Save / Load user preferences