Configure Base Settings

Configuration of fundamental settings located in SETTINGS.lua.

Default Settings

Configure settings to your liking. Items with prefix/postfix 'default' means the end player will be able to modify/override these later.

Set a Community

This unique set of characters for your community will be used for profile saving.

  • The ID should be 4-6 alphanumerical characters.

  • Spaces are not allowed and will not work, dashes can be used instead.

  • Some examples may be your servers abbreviation, name, etc.

    • Examples: 'LCPS', 'LCPSR', 'SARP', 'LSDOJ', 'JakesRP', etc.

The purpose of this string is to differentiate the client side saves between servers. Since it is possible (and likely) that servers may use the same profile names, but different profile siren assignments.

This string should be set once, and never changed as it will result in loss of LVC:Fleet saves for all players. It is not public facing so even if the server name changes it does not need to change.

Configure Controls

Register Key Maps

Users may change these in their GTA V > Settings > Hotkeys > FiveM settings. More info: CFX Cookbook - How RegisterKeyMappings Work List of Keys**:** RegisterKeyMap Supported Keys

open_menu_key: sets default key for opening LVC:v3 Menu. lockout_default_key: sets default key for toggling LVC:v3 control lock, which disabled all controls.

Indicator Controls

These static keys cannot be changed by the end user and support controller keys as well. List of Keys**:** CFX Game Reference - Controls

hazard_key: when held for hazard_hold_duration toggle 4-way flashers. left_signal_key: toggle left turn signal. right_signal_key: toggle right turn signal.

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