Advanced Configuration

Debugging and advanced configuration functionality.

Debug Mode

To temporarily toggle debug mode use chat command /lvcdebug this resets on resource restart. For persistent debug mode use convar below.

Resource Convars (fxmanifest.lua)

  • beta_checking enables beta version notifications to server console.

  • experimental will mute experimental messages for server console.

  • debug_mode increases console logging for client, prints <gameName> of vehicle if no profile was found.

Changing covars require the refresh command to be ran first, then restart the resource for changes to take effect.

Custom HUD

Custom Graphics

The in game siren controller display or heads-up-display UI can be modified to your liking, you will need an understanding of HTML, Javascript, and NUI.

Support is limited in this area.

Move Default HUD location

All HUD related functions/code is located in the UI folder. The default position of the HUD is set in UI/html/style.css.

#sirenbox {
	display: none;
	position: absolute;
	overflow: hidden;
	width: 602px;
	height: 161px;
	left: 0%;
	top: 68%;
	transform-origin: left top;
	transform: scale(0.6);
	background-image: url("../textures/background.png");

The relevant attributes are: left, top, and transform-origin.

  • left determines how far in percentage of the screen resolution should the HUD be placed from the left edge. If you wanted to right align the HUD you could change this to right: XX%, 0% being against the right edge of the display.

  • top determines how far down from the top the HUD should be placed.

  • transform-origin attribute determines which way the HUD should expand on size adjustment. For a bottom right aligned HUD you would want the transform-origin to be right bottom. This ensures that the HUD does not expand outside of the screen space.

Custom Audio Schemes

Custom front end sound effects can be added. Create a new folder in /UI/sounds with the desired name of your scheme.

Sound scheme names cannot have any spaces in them.

Add scheme name to button_sfx_scheme_choices in SETTINGS.lua.

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