Frequently asked question about LVC:v3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this vehicle still using the default profile even after I created a table in SIRENS_ASSIGNMENTS?

The most likely cause for this is the use of an incorrect key in SIRENS_ASSIGNMENTS. The key in siren assignments needs to align with the vehicles <gameName> as found in vehicles.meta. The keys first 11 characters also need to be unique due to base game limitations.

To verify this look at these two methods:

  • In game using LVC debug: Enter the car in question, use command /lvcdebug this will display a notification with the gameName and log other useful information to the F8 console.

  • In game using menu: Enter the car in questions, navigate to 'Storage Management'. The description of the 'Save Profile' button will read "Using DEFAULT profile for "<gameName>". Ensure this matches identically (case-sensitive) to the key as outlined in SIREN_ASSIGNMENTS.

  • Out of game using vehicles.meta: Locate the vehicles.meta file and verify that the vehicle in questions <gameName>XXXXXXXX</gameName> = ['XXXXXXXX'] in SIREN_ASSIGNMENTS.

How do I fix "SCRIPT ERROR: @lvc/UTIL/cl_utils.lua:XX bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)"?

This indicates that there was a problem loading your SIREN_ASSIGNMENTS table from your SIRENS.lua.

What causes the table to not be loaded?

  • Invalid symbol present:

    • You have accidentally made a typo and left a random symbol somewhere.

    • You pasted text from a website. Typically RequestScriptAudioBank(“XXX”, false). Where the the website uses UTF8 “ instead of ASCII ".

    • You have mismatched curly brackets. For every open bracket { there needs to be a closing bracket }. Too many of either will result in failure to load. Use a smart text editor like Notepad++ to highlight brackets or an online tool.

  • Missing SETTINGS.lua or missing SIREN_ASSIGNMENTS table in SIRENS.lua

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