📄Resource Installation

Instructions on how to install LVC:v3 into your server.

Download the latest stable release Luxart.Vehicle.Control.vX.X.X.zip (not source code) from releases.

  1. Copy RageUI folder from 'dependencies' folder in resources folder.

    LVC utilizes a modified release of RageUI, please install it even if you already have another version installed.

  2. Copy lvc folder to resources folder.

    Make sure your resource is named lvc it is required.

  3. Add ensure lvc to server.cfg.

  4. (Optional) Install any desired plugins from plugins folder to lvc/PLUGINS/ (see shared plugins)

This resource utilizes globbing which may not be supported in some linux environments. Most releases include fxmanifest.for.Linux.Servers.no.globbing.zip which contain a compatible fxmainfest.lua without globbing.

If you are updating make sure to run refresh before restarting LVC:v3, this ensures new files that were added will be loaded.

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